Quotes about Trust

Trust, an essential and delicate thread in the fabric of human relationships, is the foundation upon which connections are built and maintained. This page is dedicated to exploring the profound and multifaceted concept of trust through a thoughtfully curated collection of quotes. It features insights and reflections from a variety of sources, including philosophers, authors, leaders, and thinkers, each offering their unique perspective on the importance, challenges, and dynamics of trust. These quotes delve into the essence of trust, its role in love, friendship, leadership, and societal bonds, as well as the impact of its presence and absence in our lives. Whether it’s about building trust, its fragility, or the journey to regain it, these words aim to illuminate the critical role trust plays in our personal and collective experiences.


  1. “Trust is the glue that holds relationships together.” – Unknown
  2. “Trust is the foundation of all relationships.” – Unknown
  3. “Trust is the key ingredient in any relationship.” – Unknown
  4. “Trust is what makes relationships last.” – Unknown
  5. “Without trust, there can be no love.” – Leo Buscaglia
  6. “Trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship.” – Unknown
  7. “If you can’t trust someone, then you can’t really love them.” – Unknown
  8. “Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship.” – Unknown
  9. “If you don’t trust someone, then there’s no point in being in a relationship with them.” – Unknown
  10. “When you lose trust in someone, you lose everything.” – Unknown

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