Quotes about November

November, a month often characterized by its introspective ambiance and the quiet anticipation of winter, holds a unique place in the cycle of the seasons. This page is a thoughtfully curated collection of quotes about November, capturing the essence of its late-autumnal mood. These quotes, from a range of poets, writers, and thinkers, explore the subtle beauty and solemnity of November – its shorter days and longer nights, the final display of autumn’s colors, and the first hints of winter’s approach. They speak to the sense of change and transition, reflecting on themes of gratitude and contemplation often associated with this time of year, especially in the context of Thanksgiving and other cultural observances. Whether it’s the stark beauty of bare trees against a grey sky, the coziness of gathering indoors, or the reflective nature of this pre-winter period, these November quotes offer a deep and nuanced perspective on a month that serves as a gentle reminder of the impermanence and cyclic nature of life.


  1. “November is the month of thanksgiving.” – Unknown
  2. “November is the month of family gatherings.” – Unknown
  3. “November is the month of giving thanks.” – Unknown
  4. “November is a time for reflection.” – Unknown
  5. “November is a time for looking back on the past year.” – Unknown
  6. “November is a time for making resolutions for the new year.” – Unknown
  7. “November is a time for starting over.” – Unknown
  8. “November is a time for new beginnings .” – Unknown
  9. “November is a time to be grateful .” – Unknown
  10. “November is a time to appreciate life’s simple pleasures .” – Unknown
  11. “November is a time to savor the moments .” – Unknown
  12. “November is a time for taking time for yourself .” – Unknown
  13. “November is a time for slowing down .” – Unknown
  14. “November is the month to be thankful for what you have .” – Unknown

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