Quotes about Crying

Crying, a deeply human expression of emotion, can signify joy, sorrow, frustration, or relief. This page is a collection of poignant quotes about crying, offering insights from a range of perspectives including psychologists, authors, philosophers, and public figures. These quotes delve into the cathartic and healing nature of tears, exploring how crying serves as a natural response to a spectrum of emotions and experiences. They reflect on the reasons behind our tears – from the intense outpouring of grief to the overwhelming rush of happiness – and the role of crying in providing emotional release and deeper self-understanding. Whether it’s about the strength found in allowing oneself to cry, the shared human experience of tears, or the complex emotions that crying can evoke, these reflections offer a compassionate exploration of why we cry and how it connects us to our inner selves and to each other. These crying quotes serve as a reminder that tears are not just a sign of vulnerability, but also a powerful expression of our humanity and our capacity to feel deeply.


  1. “Crying is the symbol of sadness.”
  2. “Crying is the symbol of pain.”
  3. “Crying is the symbol of suffering.”
  4. “Crying is the symbol of weakness.”
  5. “Crying is the symbol of vulnerability.”
  6. “Crying can be scary.”
  7. “In crying, we can’t feel happy.”
  8. “In crying, we can’t feel loved.”
  9. “In crying, we can’t feel alive.”
  10. “The crying makes us feel alone and vulnerable.”
  11. “The crying can be deceiving.”
  12. “The crying can be dangerous.”
  13. “The crying represents the Unknown.”
  14. “The crying can make us feel sad and alone.”
  15. “The crying can make us feel scared and helpless.”
  16. “The crying can make us feel like we are losing control.”
  17. “The crying can be a reminder that we are not invincible.”
  18. “The crying can be a sign that we need to take care of ourselves.”
  19. “The weeping may be a wake up call to change our habits.”
  20. “The tears show us our weaknesses.”
  21. “The sadness may be a sign that something is wrong in our lives.”
  22. “We should never take our emotions for granted.”
  23. “We should always be grateful for good emotional health.”
  24. “When someone we love is sad, it breaks our hearts.”
  25. “No one deserves to suffer from sadness.”
  26. “There is nothing worse than feeling cry and helpless.”
  27. “Sadness can rob us of our happiness and peace of mind.”
  28. “Sadness can make us feel like we are going through hell.”
  29. “Sadness can take away our sense of control.”
  30. “Sometimes, the only thing we can do is hold on and hope for the best.”

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