Quotes about The devil

The devil, a figure steeped in religious, mythological, and cultural lore, has long been a symbol of temptation, evil, and the darker aspects of human nature. This page is a collection of thought-provoking quotes about the devil, drawing from a wide array of sources including religious texts, literary works, philosophers, and cultural commentators. These quotes explore the multifaceted representations and interpretations of the devil – as a metaphor for sin, a personification of evil, or a character in folklore and fiction. They delve into the philosophical and ethical questions surrounding this enigmatic figure, the role of the devil in various belief systems, and the symbolic significance in literature and popular culture. From cautionary tales about dealings with the devil to analytical perspectives on its symbolic meaning, these quotes provide a diverse exploration of one of the most intriguing and enduring figures in human history and imagination. They offer a window into the complexities of moral judgment, the human propensity for attributing evil, and the cultural fascination with the personification of temptation and malevolence.


  1. “The devil is the embodiment of evil.”
  2. “The devil represents all that is bad in the world.”
  3. “The devil is the source of all temptation and sin.”
  4. “The devil is the enemy of God and man.”
  5. “The devil is the ruler of Hell.”
  6. “The devil is a fallen angel.”
  7. “The devil is in control of the dark side.”
  8. “The devil tempts sinners with promises of pleasure and worldly gain.”
  9. “The devil lures people into committing acts of evil.”
  10. “The devil uses lies and deception to lure people astray.”
  11. “The devil wants to destroy mankind.”
  12. “The devil is always looking for new ways to harm people.”
  13. “The devil is a master of disguise.”
  14. “The devil enjoys tormenting people in Hell.”
  15. “The devil hates humans with a passion.”
  16. “The devil revels in sin and wickedness.”
  17. “The devil will do anything to get people to join him in Hell.”
  18. “The devil is cunning and ruthless.”
  19. “The devil has no regard for human life.”
  20. “The devil is a deceiver and a liar.”
  21. “The devil tempts people away from God.”
  22. “The devil wants to take over the world.”
  23. “The devil is the father of lies.”
  24. “The devil is the author of evil.”

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