Quotes about September

September, a month of transition and new beginnings, stands at the crossroads of the fading summer and the approaching autumn. This page is a curated anthology of quotes about September, offering reflections on its unique character and charm. These quotes, drawn from a variety of voices including poets, authors, and thinkers, capture the essence of September’s dual nature: the lingering warmth and golden light of summer days gradually giving way to the crisp air and rich hues of early fall. They speak to the sense of renewal often associated with this month, as schools reopen and routines are reestablished. September is a time for harvesting and reflection, a period of change that inspires both nostalgia for the past season and anticipation for the one to come. These quotes about September beautifully articulate the emotions and observations evoked by this month of subtle transformations, embodying the quiet beauty and introspective mood that it brings.


  1. “September is the month of new beginnings.” – Unknown
  2. “September is the month of change.” – Unknown
  3. “September is the month of progress.” – Unknown
  4. “September is the month of moving forward.” – Unknown
  5. “September is the month of new opportunities.” – Unknown
  6. “September is the month for fresh starts.” – Unknown
  7. “September is a time for starting over.” – Unknown
  8. “September is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.” – Unknown
  9. “September is a time to seize opportunity .” – Unknown
  10. “September is a time for optimism and positive thinking .” – Unknown
  11. “September is a time to work hard .” – Unknown
  12. “September is a time for setting goals .” – Unknown
  13. “September is a time for growth .” – Unknown
  14. “September is the month of new beginnings.” – unknown

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