Quotes about Selfishness

Selfishness, a trait often viewed with contempt but also intricately tied to human survival and desire, is a complex and multifaceted concept. This page is dedicated to exploring the nuances of selfishness through a collection of quotes that reflect on its nature, effects, and moral implications. Drawing from a diverse array of voices including philosophers, authors, psychologists, and public figures, these quotes examine the fine line between self-care and self-centeredness, the impact of selfish behavior on relationships and societies, and the philosophical debates surrounding self-interest. From critical condemnations to nuanced understandings of its role in human behavior, these reflections provide a deeper insight into one of the most fundamental and often controversial aspects of human nature. Whether it’s seen as a vice, a necessary instinct, or a misunderstood concept, these quotes offer a rich exploration of the many dimensions of selfishness.


  1. “Selfish people only care about themselves.” – Unknown
  2. “Selfish people never think about anyone but themselves.” – Unknown
  3. “Selfish people are only interested in themselves.” – Unknown
  4. “Selfish people are the worst kind of people.” – Unknown
  5. “Selfishness is the root of all evil.” – Unknown
  6. “Selfishness is the cancer of relationships.” – Unknown
  7. “Selfishness destroys everything it touches.” – Unknown
  8. “Selfishness is the essence of evil.” – Unknown
  9. “Selfishness is what causes wars and destruction.” – Unknown
  10. “Selfishness breeds hatred and division .” – Unknown
  11. “The more selfish you are, the less satisfied you will be” – Lao Tzu
  12. “No matter how selfish someone is, there’s always someone who loves them more” – unknown
  13.  “It’s impossible to be truly selfish and happy at the same time” – Mahatma Gandhi
  14. “People who are selfish only think about themselves and their own happiness, which is a very sad way to live” – unknown

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