Quotes about Peace

Peace, a profound and universally sought-after state, resonates deeply within the human heart and the broader fabric of society. This page is a collection of meaningful quotes about peace, bringing together thoughts and reflections from a diverse range of voices including global leaders, peace activists, philosophers, and spiritual figures. These quotes explore the multifaceted nature of peace – from inner tranquility and harmony to the pursuit of global non-violence and reconciliation. They delve into the importance of fostering peace within ourselves as a foundation for creating it in the world, the role of understanding and compassion in resolving conflicts, and the enduring quest for a more peaceful and just society. Whether addressing the challenges of achieving lasting peace or celebrating the small victories along the way, these peace quotes offer insights into the aspirations, struggles, and triumphs that define the human pursuit of peace. They serve as reminders of the potential for unity and cooperation in a world often marked by division, inspiring a continued commitment to this noble and essential goal.


  1. “Peace is the absence of fear.”
  2. “Peace is the absence of hatred.”
  3. “Peace is the absence of violence.”
  4. “Peace is the absence of anger.”
  5. “Peace is the absence of anxiety.”
  6. “Peace is the absence of stress.”
  7. “Peace is the absence of pain.”
  8. “Peace is the absence of conflict.”
  9. “Peace is the absence of noise.”
  10. “Peace is the absence of pressure.”
  11. “Peace is the absence of chaos.”
  12. “Peace is the absence of stressors.”
  13. “Peace is the absence of problems.”
  14. “Peace is a calm mind free from worries and fears.”
  15. “Peace comes from within – it’s an inner calmness.”
  16. “A peaceful mind leads to a happy life.”
  17. “The more at peace you are, the more content you’ll be.”
  18. “Life can be stressful, but with a little peace, everything becomes easier .”
  19. “Find your peace, and it will lead you to happiness.”
  20. “Don’t let life’s stressors get to you – find your peace and relax.”
  21. “Everything will be alright – just have faith and be at peace.”
  22. “When life gets tough, remember to find your inner peace.”
  23. “All we need in life is love and peace.”
  24. “A little bit of peace goes a long way.”
  25. “We all need to find our own personal peace in order to live a happy life.”
  26. “Peace can be found in nature, silence, and solitude.”
  27. “Peace can also be found through prayer and meditation.”
  28. “Make time for yourself every day so you can find some peace and relaxation.”
  29. “Live each day in peace and happiness.”
  30. “Let go of your anger and frustrations, and learn to live in peace instead.”
  31. “The key to a peaceful life is not letting things bother you too much.”
  32. “Be patient and tolerant with others, and try to live in peace with everyone around you.”
  33. “We all have different ideas about what brings us peace, but it’s important to find what works for you.”
  34. “Take some time for yourself every day so you can relax and rejuvenate.”

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