Quotes about March

March, a month of transition and renewal, ushers in the first whispers of spring while bidding farewell to the waning winter. This page is a collection of reflective and inspiring quotes about March, capturing the essence of this dynamic month. These quotes, sourced from poets, authors, and various thinkers, explore the diverse aspects of March – from the unpredictable weather that swings between the tail end of winter’s chill and the early, tentative warmth of spring, to the symbolic rebirth and rejuvenation inherent in the season. They reflect on the stirrings of new life in nature, the sense of optimism for longer days ahead, and the fresh opportunities that come with a change in season. Whether it’s the vibrant blooms starting to dot the landscape or the lingering frosty mornings, these March quotes encapsulate the unique blend of persistence and hope that this month represents, offering a window into the gradual awakening of the world from its winter slumber.


  1. “March is a time for change.” – Unknown
  2. “March is a time for new beginnings.” – Unknown
  3. “March is a time for optimism.” – Unknown
  4. “March is a time for progress.” – Unknown
  5. “March is a time for moving forward.” – Unknown
  6. “March is a time for action.” – Unknown
  7. “March is a time for determination.” – Unknown
  8. “March is a time for hard work.” – Unknown
  9. “March is a time for progress.” – Unknown
  10. “March is the month of new beginnings” – unknown

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