Quotes about Kisses

A kiss, a simple yet profound gesture, carries a depth of emotion and meaning that transcends cultures and time. This page is a tender collection of quotes about kisses, capturing their romantic, affectionate, and symbolic significance. Sourced from poets, writers, philosophers, and various romantics, these quotes explore the various facets of kissing – from the electric thrill of a first kiss to the comfort of a familiar one, and the myriad emotions a kiss can convey. They reflect on the intimacy, passion, and vulnerability inherent in the act of kissing, and how it can express sentiments ranging from love and desire to respect and farewell. Whether it’s a stolen kiss that sparks a lifetime of love or a gentle peck that reassures and nurtures, these kiss quotes encapsulate the magic and emotional resonance of this timeless expression of human connection and affection.


  1. “Kisses are a symbol of love.”
  2. “Kisses are the language of love.”
  3. “Kisses are the way to someone’s heart.”
  4. “Kisses show how much we care for someone.”
  5. “Kisses are a way to connect with someone.”
  6. “Kisses are special and intimate.”
  7. “Kisses show how much we love someone.”
  8. “A kiss is worth a thousand words.”
  9. “Kisses are the bridge to our hearts.”
  10. “Kisses are the way to someone’s soul.”
  11. “A kiss is the shortest distance between two people.”
  12. “Kisses can heal a broken heart.”
  13. “Kisses can make everything feel better.”
  14. “A kiss is the perfect way to say ‘I love you.’”
  15. “Kisses show how much we appreciate someone.”
  16. “A kiss is a gesture of affection.”
  17. “A kiss is a way of communicating with someone we love.”
  18. “A kiss is one of the most beautiful expressions of love.”

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