Quotes about First Love

First love, an unforgettable and often transformative experience, holds a tender spot in the tapestry of human emotions. This page is a poignant collection of quotes about first love, capturing the intensity, innocence, and enduring impact of this profound experience. Sourced from a variety of voices including poets, novelists, philosophers, and public figures, these quotes delve into the magic and heartache of first love, its role in shaping our understanding of romance and relationships, and the nostalgia it evokes in our hearts. They reflect on the sweet naivety, the deep connections, and sometimes the painful lessons learned. Whether it’s a fleeting moment or a lasting memory, these first love quotes resonate with the universal human experience of a love that, in many ways, defines and influences our subsequent journey through life. They remind us of the powerful emotions that first love brings, and its unique place in our personal histories.


  1. “First love is always the best love.” – Unknown
  2. “First love is never forgotten.” – Unknown
  3. “First love is always remembered.” – Unknown
  4. “First love is always treasured.” – Unknown
  5. “First love is always a special love.” – Unknown
  6. “First love is always remembered and never forgotten.” – Unknown
  7. “First love is always a beautiful memory.” – Unknown
  8. “First love is always in your heart.” – Unknown
  9. “First love is always a special feeling.” – Unknown
  10. “First love is always unforgettable.” – Unknown

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