Quotes about Discrimination

Discrimination, a pervasive and damaging reality faced by many, challenges the very essence of equality and respect in society. This page is a poignant collection of quotes about discrimination, bringing forth insights from activists, leaders, thinkers, and individuals who have witnessed or experienced discrimination first-hand. These quotes explore the various forms of discrimination – whether based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or other attributes – and the profound impact it has on individuals and communities. They delve into the struggles for justice and equality, the importance of empathy and understanding, and the ongoing fight against prejudice and bigotry. From reflections on personal experiences to calls for societal change, these discrimination quotes shed light on the harsh realities of unequal treatment and the resilience of those who stand against it. They serve as powerful reminders of the work still needed to create a world where diversity is celebrated and all individuals are treated with fairness and dignity.


  1. “Discrimination is judging someone based on their race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.”
  2. “Discrimination is treating someone unfairly because of who they are.”
  3. “Discrimination is a form of prejudice.”
  4. “Discrimination is never acceptable.”
  5. “Discrimination is wrong and should be condemned.”
  6. “Discrimination is never okay.”
  7. “Discrimination is never justified.”
  8. “Discrimination is never acceptable in a civilized society.”
  9. “Discrimination must be stopped.”

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