Quotes about Desire

Desire, a powerful and intrinsic part of the human experience, drives our aspirations, motivations, and pursuits. This page offers a thought-provoking collection of quotes about desire, capturing the intensity, complexity, and duality of this fundamental emotion. These quotes, sourced from a diverse mix of poets, philosophers, writers, and thinkers, explore the nature of desire – its role in inspiring action, its capacity to bring both joy and suffering, and its influence on our choices and destinies. They delve into the various forms of desire, from the pursuit of love and passion to the ambition for success and recognition. These reflections also consider the ethical and philosophical dimensions of desire, pondering how it shapes our values and the fabric of our lives. Whether it’s about the longing for connection, the hunger for achievement, or the quest for fulfillment, these desire quotes offer a deep and nuanced understanding of one of the most driving forces in human life.


  1. “Desire is the key to success.”
  2. “Desire is what keeps us moving forward.”
  3. “Desire is the driving force behind progress.”
  4. “Desire is the engine that powers our dreams.”
  5. “Desire is what makes us achieve our goals.”
  6. “Desire is the fuel that keeps us going.”
  7. “Desire is what makes us strong and determined.”
  8. “Desire is what pushes us to do our best.”
  9. “Desire is the force that leads to success.”
  10. “Desire is what makes us reach for the stars.”
  11. “Desire is the key to happiness and success.”
  12. “When we desire something, anything is possible.”
  13. “Our desire is what makes us who we are.”
  14. “Our desire defines us and drives us forward in life.”
  15. “Our desires are a reflection of our innermost self.”
  16. “When we are in touch with our desires, we can achieve anything we want in life.”
  17. “Our desires are a roadmap to our dreams and goals.”
  18. “The more we focus on our desires, the more they will come true.”
  19. “We need to be careful what we desire, because it could come true.”
  20. “When we truly desire something, nothing can stop us from achieving it.”

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