Quotes about Depression

Depression, a profound and often misunderstood condition, touches the lives of many, bringing unique challenges and experiences. This page offers a compassionate collection of quotes about depression, providing insights from individuals who have battled with it, mental health professionals, and various thinkers. These quotes delve into the complex nature of depression – its impact on the mind, the struggle to articulate its depth, and the journey towards healing and understanding. They offer perspectives on the isolation and pain it can bring, as well as the strength and courage found in facing it. These reflections also highlight the importance of empathy, support, and the ongoing efforts to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Whether providing solace, offering a glimpse into the experience of depression, or inspiring hope for those who are fighting it, these depression quotes aim to shed light on a condition that is deeply personal yet universally relevant, emphasizing the need for awareness and compassionate dialogue.


  1. “Depression is like a dark cloud that covers everything.”
  2. “Depression is like a deep dark hole that you can’t escape from.”
  3. “Depression feels like a heavy weight on your chest.”
  4. “Depression is like living in a dark world.”
  5. “Depression is the worst feeling in the world.”
  6. “Depression makes you feel numb and drained.”
  7. “Depression is like being lost in a black abyss.”
  8. “Depression is like being trapped in a nightmare.”
  9. “Depression feels like a deep cold pain inside your heart.”
  10. “Depression makes you feel helpless and hopeless.”
  11. “Depression makes you feel like you’re going crazy.”
  12. “Depression makes you feel like you’re dying inside.”
  13. “Depression is the ultimate loneliness.”
  14. “Depression is torture.”

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