Quotes about December

December, a month synonymous with festivity, reflection, and the closing of the year, is a time of deep significance and varied emotions. This page presents a collection of quotes about December, encapsulating the spirit and sentiments of this concluding month. These quotes, sourced from a diverse group of poets, authors, and thinkers, touch upon the magical atmosphere of the holiday season, the joy of celebrating with loved ones, and the introspection that comes with the year’s end. They reflect on the beauty of winter landscapes, the warmth of shared traditions, and the hope and aspirations for the coming new year. December, with its unique blend of celebration and contemplation, nostalgia for the year past and anticipation for the future, offers a moment to pause and appreciate the journey we’ve made. These December quotes capture the essence of this special time, providing inspiration and a sense of communal joy as we bid farewell to one year and welcome another.


  1. “December is the month of Christmas.” – Unknown
  2. “December is the month of happiness.” – Unknown
  3. “December is the month of giving.” – Unknown
  4. “December is the month of family and friends.” – Unknown
  5. “December is the month of Christmas trees.” – Unknown
  6. “December is the month of decorations.” – Unknown
  7. “December is the month of Christmas lights.” – Unknown
  8. “December is the month of Christmas music.” – Unknown
  9. “December is the month of gift-giving.” – Unknown
  10. “December is the month of holiday cheer.” – Unknown
  11. “December is a time for reflection on the past year.” – Unknown
  12. “December is a time for making resolutions for the new year.” – Unknown
  13. “December is a time for hope and optimism for the future.” – Unknown
  14. “December is a time for enjoying life’s simple pleasures.” – Unknown
  15. “December is a time to savor the moment .” – Unknown
  16. “December is a time for taking time for yourself .” – Unknown
  17. “December is a time for slowing down .” – Unknown
  18. “December brings dreams of snow .” – Unknown
  19. “December brings visions of Santa Claus .”- Unknown
  20. “December brings happiness and joy .” – Unknown




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