Quotes about Anxiety

Anxiety, a common yet often challenging emotional experience, affects countless individuals, shaping their daily lives and perspectives. This page is dedicated to exploring the multifaceted nature of anxiety through a collection of quotes from those who have experienced it, mental health professionals, and insightful thinkers. These quotes provide a window into the world of anxiety – its triggers, the internal battles it provokes, and the ways in which it can influence thoughts and behaviors. They offer reflections on the feelings of worry and unease that characterize anxiety, the struggle for control and peace, and the journey towards understanding and managing it. These quotes also touch on the importance of compassion, self-care, and the pursuit of mental wellness. Whether offering comfort, shedding light on the complexities of anxiety, or providing a sense of solidarity, these anxiety quotes aim to provide understanding and support for those navigating through the often turbulent waters of anxious thoughts and feelings, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health with kindness and empathy.


  1. “Anxiety is like a storm that never ends.”
  2. “Anxiety is like a dark cloud that hangs over you all the time.”
  3. “Anxiety is like living in a nightmare.”
  4. “Anxiety is like being lost in a dark abyss.”
  5. “Anxiety is like being trapped a nightmare.”
  6. “Anxiety is like having a weight on your chest.”
  7. “Anxiety is like a deep cold pain inside your heart.”
  8. “Anxiety is like a storm that you can’t escape from.”
  9. “Anxiety is like living in a dark world.”
  10. “Anxiety is the worst feeling in the world.”
  11. “Anxiety makes you feel helpless and hopeless.”
  12. “Anxiety makes you feel like you’re going crazy.”
  13. “Anxiety makes you feel like you’re dying inside.”

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