Quotes about Admiration

Admiration, a feeling of wonder and deep respect, is a powerful emotion that inspires us to look up to others and aspire to greatness ourselves. This page is a curated collection of quotes about admiration, drawing from a diverse array of voices including authors, philosophers, leaders, and public figures. These quotes delve into the essence of admiration – its ability to motivate, the qualities that evoke it, and its role in shaping our aspirations and values. They explore how admiration can be a driving force in personal growth, the appreciation of excellence in others, and the positive influence of role models in our lives. From reflections on the admiration of noble traits and achievements to the uplifting impact of recognizing and valuing the contributions of others, these admiration quotes offer insights into the power of this enriching emotion. They remind us of the importance of acknowledging and learning from the admirable qualities we see in those around us, fostering a culture of respect, inspiration, and mutual upliftment.


  1. “Admiration is a feeling of reverence and respect.”
  2. “Admiration is a sign of respect and appreciation.”
  3. “Admiration is when we appreciate someone’s qualities.”
  4. “Admiration is when we appreciate someone’s achievements.”
  5. “Admiration is when we appreciate someone’s efforts.”
  6. “Admiration is when we see the good in someone.”
  7. “Admiration is when we see the potential in someone.”
  8. “Admiration is when we see the beauty in someone.”
  9. “Admiration is when we see the greatness in someone.”
  10. “Admiration is when we see the goodness in someone.”
  11. “Admiration is when we are inspired by someone’s actions.”
  12. “Admiration is when we want to be like someone.”
  13. “Admiration is when we want to be around someone.”
  14. “Admiration is a feeling of happiness and joy.”

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